Live Online Edutainment Group Events

We do not deliver one sided, boring webinars or lectures even if we always learn something in our events too. With us you won’t find ready made pre-recordings or one-way, lonely online courses to study by yourself.
Instead you find happy, bubbling ordinary Finns introducing practical solutions to various work and life related issues. We want you to find your trail, be happy and laugh with us!
In the Mindtrail events you’ll meet real people. We base all we do on honest interaction.    
Take part on MindTrail online live group sessions to share your story, to learn from others or for education & entertainment. 
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Several people are taking care of their physical condition on daily bases in order to maintain their performance. However, the modern world is challenging us more and more in the intellectual and emotional way.

Mindtrail can assist you to take control of the mental monkey ride which you might be experiencing right at this moment. You can participate as you want, regularly or periodically – no obligations or monthly subscriptions needed.

Come as you are and when you feel the need to.

We are here to give you a push towards tomorrow! Which is not closed, by the way…

Physics won't help if the head don't follow

Time is Limited and Your Happiness is on Stake – Choose Well


MindTrail is an early state and easy entrance mental strenght supporting service available globally online flavored with the famous Finnish happiness.

MindTrail assists to maintain the mental well-being by providing events with peer and professional support. 

MindTrail operates in example with issues like

  • Managing stress with a strategic approach to work
  • Improve work efficiency by emphasizing well-being
  • Find courage by embracing the special individual occupational expertise of yours and create meaningful work life and life
  • No Tricks – honest ordinary Finnish happiness with sincerity


  • Office workers in various organisation levels
  • Freelancers, self-employed
  • Students, people open for new opportunities
  • Everyone who feels they are neglecting their well-being and life in the expense of work

NOTE: MindTrail is Not Suitable for people who mentally already passed the breaking point. In these cases we recommend to contact the nearest Mental Health Professionals. We can assist you to find one if you wish, but we do not provide official diagnosis or medication. 


MindTrail is an Online Mental “Gym” which aims to improve and maintain a good mental strenght to avoid mind breaking’s and performance disruptive depressions. 

MindTrail works the same way than a normal gym; if you are interested to maintain or improve your physical condition, go to the gym.
If you break a leg, go to the doctor. The gym can’t fix the broken body parts, but it can help staying in a strong physical condition and due that, avoid limp breaking accidents. 


MindTrail offers Online Live instructor guided events. We do not provide ready made recordings or same for all.
NOTE: You will meet real, propably same minded people, in the MindTrail Online Events. 

Each event is hosted by a person specialized on that certain topic/theme and each interactive event forms to be unique entity according to the participants on place at that time.

The events base on interactivity and peer support. From human to human. Occasionally mental health professionals are on place too introducing various topics which the event participants can then reflect in the own life. 


World full of Happiest Nations – People enjoying their meaningful work and unique life.