The stories we experienced, heard, and saw in the modern-day work life as workers, coaches and cosultants, were the foundation where on the Mindtrail was born. 

The modern day work and life are challenging, and those challenges can only be addressed if they are made visible and said out loud.

FlipEra MindTrail™ was established to defend and assist people against the various crap of modern day work life. We bring top-notch leadership, management and well-being knowledge to people, so that they can stand stronger for better work life and maintain their mental well-being at the same.

The team consist of a variety of expertise and most importantly: people with personal experience of journey of rebuilding an empowered outlook towards
a meaningful work life and life altogether.

We will prove that Tomorrow is not Closed even if it sometimes seems like it.

Methods used in FlipEra MindTrail™ are based on i.e. Empowerment Training, Positive Psychology, Peer Support and specially on Expertism of Experience.

FlipEra MindTrail
FlipEra MindTrail


We offer engaging live online events related to work well-being and meaningful life globally. We flavour heavy issues with the famous Finnish happiness and deliver real insights and options to find new trails. 

We put on table issues which are too often suppressed at the work places, work health caretakers, supervisors and leaders. We discuss about these things honestly, straight forward, boldly and fearlessly as we are a completely independent actor without any political or any other restrictive engagements.
Additionally we deliver Finnish Happiness and simplicity to the World!

We aim to assist people before loosing the mind and before
ending up into a long, expensive official therapies. 

Our safe and easy entry online events are open to everyone who wishes
to support the mental well-being with practical solutions
and meet other people in similar situation.

It does not always require a professional help to get over the worst. Sometimes it is more than enough when there is just a safe place where to share and scale your own experiences with others. Be sincerely a human to another human. Help and be helped. Simple as that, yet often made too complicated as many things in this world nowadays. 

Might think Mindtrail as a uplifting “Gym” for Mind!
(Read more what makes a happy country.)


The power of peer support in mental health promotion is proven by several research in Finland and globally. 
Peer support has multifaceted significance in mental health and its influence is positive in different situations in life. 

With peer support people can support others who are in the same kind of situation of life
or have experienced earlier something similar. Helping others and receiving help from peers is empowering and equal.

Peer support is often experienced as less “threatening” than professional mental health help. With professionals many people are worried of being diagnosed and the official therapy sessions with psychotherapist or psychologist may include an in-equal layout of power where the other one is patient and the other one is kind of upon the situation. Sometimes it is easier to talk with somebody at your own level and who have similar trails behind them.

Peer support has also been proven to be very efficient recovery method from addictions i.e. alcoholism and drugs.
Furthermore, peer support is actively used in Finland (and in other Nordic countries) by Criminal Sanctions Agency to prepare the prisoners for a life without crime with good results.

In the rapidly altering world and work life, the need for peer support increases all the time also in a normal daily life. As well as the situations where the peer support could be the best assistance. However, due to the remote work, there is less events where to find people in same situation and start a conversation of issues which might sometimes be painful and even hard to handle. Sometimes it might also be that we rather talk to somebody who is definitely not working in the same organization. 

MindTrail is a platform for anyone to join, participate in the conversation in a safe
and encouraging environment, learn, help and be helped.
And if you wish, to 
become an instructor of issues which matter the most for you and surely for many others too. 

FlipEra MindTrail™ will be officially launched in Spring 2021. 
Follow FlipEra MindTrail on social media to learn more. 

In the beginning we have some pre-scheduled opening events available in
MindTrail™ Event web shop. 

The opening events concentrate on certain work related topics which appear to be highly relevant and common issues in the modern day work life.

However, as the MindTrail™ is a platform for everyone to share their knowledge and experience and grow strong with peer support, the MindTrail™ will actively evolve during it grows. The event display is a living organism which gets its form from all of the participants and instructors who are willing to contribute 
their unique experience and understanding with others. 

If your idea of a topic is great and you are accepted as an Event Instructor, you will receive a reward and a one month free access to all MindTrail™ events. 

The future of good life and work is not solely in somebody’s hand – it is all of our responsibility. So step on, as you are the next big story!

Mindtrail Coordination TEAM

We believe Tomorrow is not closed

We have a variety of expertise, and most importantly:
personal experience of various work life nonsense and of building a meaningful work life anyway.

The Event Instructors are from the high quality well-being and mental health work sector of Finland;
in example from mental health associations, private companies, entrepreneurs and public sector.
Further instructor introductions can be found from each event description page.   

In the service and event planning, the core coordination team is also backed up
by professional psychotherapists and psychologists. 

FlipEra MindTrail

Sari Péry

Event Planner & Coordinator

Sari was born to defend those in need, reveal malpractices and to confront the oppressors.

FlipEra MindTrail Logo

Jules Nowhere

Art & Graphics

Creative wizard who visualizes the MindTrail world. 

FlipEra MindTrail

Prudence Odia

Marketing & Digital

Prue is right minded and strong professional whose diligence is inspirational.

FlipEra MindTrail Logo

Mikko Mikonmaa


Father of the Mindtrail