Privacy Policy / Privacy Protection Protocol

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This document concern FlipEra Ltd. customers, potential customers and all other stakeholders who use FlipEra’s websites and services in addresses, and or any other aliases. This document describes FlipEra Ltd.’s protocol of privacy protection in accord to general GDPR code. The document explains what kind of information FlipEra Ltd. collects about the customers, the website visits and how the information is addressed and protected.

Register Administrator

FlipEra Ltd.      (ID FI31085035)
Address:          Sinikellonpolku, 01300 Vantaa, Finland
Telephone:      +358 40 669 1551
Email:               [email protected]

Responsible of Data Protection

Sari Péry, [email protected]

Name of the Register

Customer and Marketing Register

Purpose of addressing the Personal Data

We address the personal data to offer our digital services to our customer and to maintain, manage and develop the customer relationship. Furthermore, we address the personal data to fulfill our rights, responsibilities and obligations as the Register Administrator and Service Provider. Justification to address the personal data is our legitime interest to do so and the statutory liabilities.

In addition to these, the collected information can be addressed according to law and regulations, to purposes related to digital services, to research/study and to allocate the marketing through register administrators marketing channels. As the bases of addressing the personal data, is the customers approval and the register administrator will only collect information, which are necessary to produce the services, digital services and for development. Personal data is not used in automated decision making nor profiling.

The Register includes the Following Information about Person (data content and retention time)

Person’s name, status, company/organization, contact details i.e. phone number, email address, postal address, social media address(es), personal ID code if needed, information of services/products ordered and their change/evolution, invoicing information and other customer relationship and service order attached information including start date of the registration.  

The data and information will be addressed only when and while necessary, which after the data and information will be removed from the register or when the registered person cancel his/her approval to access the personal data.

Data Sources of the Register

The data and information are collected from companies and organizations in the beginning of the customer relationship. From private people the data and information are received as they register in to FlipEra’s or MindTrail’s events, participate in those or become FlipEra/MindTrail event/training participants from another route i.e., through employment offices. Additionally, the data and information may be received directly from the private person via email, social media, customer meeting, by phone or through the digital registration-, contact- and/or ordering forms of FlipEra / MindTrail web pages.

FlipEra/Mindtrail may receive private person data and information also through the register administrator’s customers, as when the data and information provider is entitled to inform the parties about data and information being shared to FlipEra/MindTrail. FlipEra/MindTrail will agree to receive data and information only when there is a justified reason for the action, and it is needed for FlipEra/MindTrail delivery of the agreed services. With all the parties, who with the data is being transferred and managed with, the legal agreements are placed, and all the data and information is addressed as confidential data.

Permitting access to Data for third parties

The data and information which the register administrator possesses, is not being delivered to any third party. However, if the service production or execution requires, the register administrator can deliver for trusted contractors the basic contact details of the registered i.e., Name, Phone number and email. With this kind of trusted contractors, the appropriate contracts are done, and the contractors are committed to confidentially and carefully address the data.

Data and Information Tranfer outside EU or ETA area

The data and information of the register administrator will not be handed over or anyhow transferred outside the economic region of EU or ETA.

Rights of the Registered

The person registered in this register, is entitled to request a summary of the data and information held in this register. Furthermore, the registered person can demand the register administrator to correct, remove or restrict information/data concerning him/her.

If a person wishes to verify the information/data registered about him/her or demands a correction, the request is to be placed in written form to the register administrator. The Register administrator has the right to demand the person to prove the identity. The register administrator will respond to the request within one month of the date of the first written request arrival to the register administration.

A registered person has the “right to be forgotten” only if the register administrator does not have legitimate reasons for keeping it.

When the data and information removal request is accepted, the register administrator eliminates all data and information of the registered despite of the data saving mode. If the registered person is in an opinion that the personal/private data and information usage is not legal, he/she has a right to complain to the public authorities.  

Principles of the Register Protection

All private and personal data and information is protected from inappropriate access and manipulation and are held confidential. Only authorized FlipEra and MindTrail employees are licensed to access the registers if they have justified reason to do so to fulfill their work assignment.

All the equipment which are utilized while using the register, are protected with personal sign in id’s and passwords. and webpages and all their alias webpages are protected with SSL certificates. This procedure is to ensure that the webpage usage, data and information inputs are safe and secured. In register administration, a high level of accuracy is followed, and data processed in information systems are protected appropriately.

Links and Cookies

The register administrators webpage can include links to webpages maintained by a third party. FlipEra Ltd and MindTrail are not responsible for this kind of webpage content or privacy policies.

FlipEra Ltd and MindTrail may use cookies in the webpage to follow the visitor statistics and to improve the services. Cookie usage always requires the visitors agreement.

Compiled 15.3.2020. Updated 1.4.2021. FlipEra Ltd.