Terms of Service – Usage, ordering, delivering and subscribing

FlipEra MindTrail™ Services can be found on the www.mindtrail.fi webpage and the Event Services are available exclusively online. If there is anything you cannot find, please email us [email protected]

Private persons, companies, and organizations (the Customer) can purchase FlipEra MindTrail™ Events Services directly from FlipEra MindTrail™ web shop. The Service production company FlipEra Ltd. is located in Finland and the company ID is FI31085035. The Event web shop operates according to the Laws of Finland and according to the Terms and Conditions specified here.

Ordering the Event Services does not require registration or subscripting to the FlipEra MindTrail™ platform. In orders placed without subscribing, the Customer information is used primarily to deliver the Service and to address the payment transaction.

In the usage of the Event Service, the webcam is not obligatory. Audio equipment are obligatory and the Customer is responsible for their functionality.

The Customer Data Processing methods are described in detail in FlipEra’s Privacy Protection Protocol

Terms of Payment

On the web shop the prices are displayed in euro (EUR) including the VAT. FlipEra MindTrail™ reserves the right to change the prices and the prices are subject to change without notice. The Customer is charged according to the price valid on the time of purchase. The price in force is displayed clearly on the web shop in immediate touch with each Service/Event.

The payment methods are online bank payment and credit cards. The payment is charged immediately. Our secure server of online payments is Stripe.

The billing information is needed to follow the laws of payment transactions, order processing and refunding. The billing information will not be used for other purposes and it will be disposed after 14 days of the date of the event participated.

Terms of Delivery

FlipEra MindTrail™ ships the Services worldwide through the web. The delivery costs are included in the total amount informed on the web shop and there are no additional fees for the Delivery Service. At the same time as placing the order and purchasing the selected Event Service, the Customer selects a certain date and an Event to participate in to. After the payment is successfully completed, the Customer automatically receives a receipt, confirmation email and a Link to the purchased Event. The Event link is sent to the email address the Customer has announced as Attendee email. The receipt is send via email to the address the Customer has filled in as the billing details. Please check spam/junk mail if you are waiting for a reply from FlipEra MindTrail™.

The Event Link is personal, and it is not allowed to be forwarded to a third party.

Mainly FlipEra MindTrail™ Event Services are delivered through Zoom -platform. However, FlipEra MindTrail™ reserves the right to change the platform without notice.

Anonymous participation

Even if you wish to participate anonymously, we still need the attendee email and billing details for processing the order, payment transaction and possible refunds due to the laws we follow. However you can type down the attendee name as an assumed name and use that when you access the event if you wish to keep your real identity as a secret from other participants and event instructor.

Change and Cancellation Terms

Participation to the selected and purchased Event Service can be cancelled without extra charge if the cancellation is placed seven (7) days before the Customer selected Event Date. In the cases when the Cancellation is placed in less than seven (7) days, the payment is charged fully without refund. If the Customer is prevented to participate the purchased Event, the Customer is entitled to reschedule the Event Date with ten (10) euro administration fee. Changes are to be announced seven (7) days before the Event. All the changes and cancellations are to be place written by email to [email protected]

FlipEra MindTrail™ reserves the right to cancel an Event or to reschedule the Event Date. Possible cancellations and rescheduling’s are announced to the Event Participants at latest five (5) days before the Event Date. As an Exception to the previous, an acute sickness of the Instructor can be announced at latest an hour before the Event.

If the Event is cancelled or rescheduled in a way that the Customer/Participant does not have a chance to participate at the new Event Date, the purchase payment will be fully refunded. FlipEra MindTrail™ is not responsible for any other costs which might be related to the Customers/Participants arrangements to enable the Event participation (i.e. childcare etc.).  

FlipEra MindTrail™ is not responsible for any damage caused by a force majeure event. FlipEra MindTrail™ is not responsible for any damage or aberration caused by the Customer’s participation, Service Execution, Event Content or Digital realization or their flaw.       


  1. By visiting www.mindtrail.fi and/or purchasing something, the Customer (“Participant”, “User”) engage in the FlipEra MindTrail™ Services (“Event”) and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions (“Terms of Service”, “Terms”). The Terms of Service apply to all users of the site. If the Customer/Participant/User does not agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, then the Customer/Participant/User may not access the website or use any of the Services.
  2. The Customer (“Participant”, “User”) is always obligated to behave in good manners in FlipEra MindTrail™ Services (“Event”). It is not allowed to appear to events drunk, naked or otherwise inappropriately. The Customer is also responsible for happenings possible showing/sounding in the background through his/her webcam/microphone. By using the Service the Customer engage to ensure that nothing inappropriate or illegal will not be displayed from his/her behalf.
  3. In any case it is not allowed to mark, attack, abuse or anyhow insult the other participants of the Event. FlipEra MindTrail™ will not allow access and reserves the right to remove or prevent anyone from the Event who violates other person’s basic rights. Any inappropriate action based on other person’s age, nationality, origin, language, religion, belief, opinion, political standing, family relations, health, sexuality or any similar personal feature, is absolutely forbidden. If you are a person who wish to do abusing things like this, stop reading now, leave this page and don’t ever come back – you can go to social media platforms to yell anonymously if you wish. This is not right place for you.
  4. The Customer is responsible of the functionality of the technical tools used to receive or use the Service and FlipEra MindTrail™ is not held responsible for any faults in Customer’s own equipment.
  5. In cases if the Customer chooses to start the webcam, the Customer performs that action with his/her own responsibility and agrees and understands that the FlipEra MindTrail™ or other Event participants can not be accused for trespassing a private area or any kind of unsuitable interference in any case.
  6. We reserve the full right to refuse to sell the Service to anyone for any reason at any time.
  7. At no time are any credit card details stored by FlipEra MindTrail™
  8. Any new features or tools which are added to the web site and shop shall also be subject to the Terms of Service of FlipEra MindTrail™. The Customer continued use of or access to the website and shop constitutes acceptance of the changes.
  9. FlipEra MindTrail™ can not be held responsible for any loss which the Customer may suffer because of an unauthorized third party accessing the Customer details while placing the purchase.
  10. Purchase and Delivery of the Services is via Platform chosen by FlipEra MindTrail™. The Customer accepts the Terms of Use of these selected Platform. FlipEra MindTrail™ is not responsible of any damage caused to the Customer by the used third-party Platforms. The Customer acknowledge and agree that FlipEra MindTrail™ provide access to such tool “as is” and “as available” without any warranties, representations, or conditions of any kind and without any endorsement. FlipEra MindTrail™ have no liability whatsoever arising from or relating to the Customer use of optional third-party tools.
  11. Under no circumstances can FlipEra MindTrail™ be held liable or accountable for failed deliveries due to inaccurate email address details provided by the Customer. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the details carefully and thoroughly before placing and sending the order.
  12. If the Customer places multiple orders to the same email address, it is the
    Customer’s/Participants responsibility to maintain the Event Links safe, un-forwarded and to be attended according to the schedule of FlipEra MindTrail™.
  13. The Customer/Participant may not use any of the FlipEra MindTrail™ services or material in any illegal or unauthorized purpose. In the use of the Event Services, the Customer/Participant may not violate any laws in the Customer/Participant jurisdiction, including but not limited to copyright laws.
  14. The immaterial rights and copyright of the material used in the Events/Services will remain with the FlipEra MindTrail™. The Customer/Participant does not have rights to deliver the material or gain profit with the material. The Customer/Participant is entitled to utilize the material for own private usage.
  15. The Customer does not have right to record the Events/Services which the Customer participates in to. The Customer agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the FlipEra MindTrail™ Services, use of the Service or access to the Service without permission by FlipEra MindTrail™. FlipEra MindTrail™ reserves the right to cancel any Customers participation to events or usage of the platform at any time due to any reason.
  16. The Customer must not transmit any viruses or worms or any code of a destructive nature in any FlipEra MindTrail™ platforms and softwares.
  17. A breach or violation of any of the Terms will result in an immediate termination of the Customer Services.
  18. FlipEra MindTrail™ reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service, or any part or content thereof, without notice at any time.
  19. FlipEra MindTrail™ reserve the right to cancel orders where incorrect pricing has been listed.
  20. FlipEra MindTrail™ reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.
  21. These Terms and Conditions do not affect the Customer’s statutory rights.